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Saint Patrick, Maynooth

Saint Patrick, Maynooth, July 2011

In 1774 the Irish parliament passed an act that would allow Catholics (“Papists”) to swear their loyalty to the King. Several clergy took the oath, while others adamantly refused. Between 1774 and 1793 Catholic Relief Acts were passed to reverse some of the Penal Laws. The acts, however, applied only to those who had taken the oath. According to Joseph Casimir O’Meagher,* Mahers who signed the Oath of Allegiance under King George III, thus appearing on the Catholic Qualification Rolls included:

Kilkenny: William Maher (Freshford,1793); John Maher (Freshford, 1793); John Maher (Nicholastown, 1794)

Naas: James Maher (Kildare, 1794)

Queen’s County, Clonburr (Maryboro): Patrick Maher (1796); Thomas Maher (1796); John Maher (1796); William Maher (1796); John Maher (1796, 2nd)

Queen’s County, Maryboro Sessions: Daniel Maher (Park, 1794); Maher (Middlemount, 1795); Philip (Ballinlough, 1796)

Queen’s County, Portarlington: William Maher (Ossory, 1796)

Queen’s County, Rathdowney Sessions: Timothy Maher (Garryduff, 1795); James Maher (Rathdowney, 1796)

Queen’s County, Stradbally: Timothy Maher (1795)

Tipperary, Clonmell: Timothy Magher, Innholder (1793); Pierce Meagher, M.D. (1793); Thomas Meagher, gentleman (Annacoty, 1793); Martin Maher (Boulibane, 1793)

Tipperary, Clonmel Assizes: Daniel Meagher, farmer (Boulak, 1794); John Meagher, farmer (Boulak, 1794); James Meagher, carpenter (Fethard, 1794)

Tipperary, Thurles Sessions: Nicholas Maher, Esq. (1793); Gilbert Meagher, gentleman (Loughmoe, 1793); Charles Meagher, farmer (Loughmoe, 1793); Edmond Meagher, gentleman (Clonmekk, 1793); William Meagher, gentleman (Thurles, 1793); Martin Maher (Clonmore, 1793); Thomas Maher (Killigler, 1793); Meagher, farmer (Templetouhy, 1793); Patrick Meagher, farmer (Templetouhy, 1793); Matthew Meagher, farmer (Bawnmore, 1793); John Meagher, farmer (Cranna, 1793); Martin Meagher, farmer (1793); Cornelius Meagher, farmer (1793); Daniel Meagher, farmer (Tullow McJames, 1793)

Waterford, Lismore: William Meagher (Dungarvan, 1794); Richard Magher, mariner (Dungarvan, 1794); Richard Maher, M.D. (Waterford, 1798); Edmond Magher, victualler (Tullow, 1798)

Wexford, Ferns: Edmond Meagher (Castletown, 1794)

Wicklow: John Meagher, farmer (Morrestown, 1793), Denis Meagher, farmer (Morrestown, 1793)

*O’Meagher, Joseph Casimir, Some Historical Notices of the O’Meaghers of Ikerrin, American Edition, 1890, pp. 115-117)

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