Iluminating Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award!

I am most grateful to Chris (“Crissouli”), who nominated me for the “Illuminating Blogger Award.” Chris has become a generous virtual friend over long distance and many years through our mutual interests of all kinds, particularly in regard to Irish genealogy, culture and history. I hope one day to be able to visit her in Australia and meet in person! She is the author of three blogs, chock full of eclectic information of interest to those involved with Irish family history research. She includes links to many other related resources and is aware, continually, of relevant breaking news. Her own “As They Were,” was also nominated this year. Indeed, this, with her others, (“That Moment in TIme,” and “Irish Graves  – they who sleep in foreign lands,”) places her on my own list as a favorite blogger.

The Illuminating Blogger Award was created by the author of the Food Stories blog, who extended an initial food blog award to become more inclusive. “One random thing about myself” that would not be gleaned from my own blog is that, in addition to my identity as an artist and educator, I have a passion for gardening and I founded and used to run a community garden. When I am interacting with the earth in this way, growing, tending a particular space, I feel connected to myriad aspects of life, including to my own ancestors who once farmed in the midlands of Ireland. Quite often a favorite memory of my own father mowing our lawn comes to mind, as I recall his bypassing a patch of forget-me-nots on a particular day when I asked him to spare them from his push-mower blades.

Other bloggers that I would like to nominate for this award include:

Angela Gallagher, A Silver Voice From Ireland. Already a multiple award winner, this lovely woman’s silver voice is wonderful to read, whether one is interested in Ireland, family history, invaluable oral histories, or the wisdom that comes from having lived through many chapters of life and having reached what she calls one’s “third age.”

David Cain, Raptitude, getting better at being human. I wish that I took more time to read everything Cain has ever posted, and sometime I must begin to try to do so! It is a joy to me when the announcement of a new essay of his arrives by email, and I am continually impressed by his posts. I have recommended Raptitude many times to others as my favorite blog – ever. Like some singer-songwriters (Ryan Adams comes to mind), Cain seems unusually wise for his age, as he grows daily into the depth of his studies and beliefs. I began reading Raptitude when Cain was traveling abroad, documenting his journey while considering the implications of conversations and simple discoveries along the way. Someone described this blog as “Buddhistish,” which serves just fine.

Printeresting. This is “the thinking person’s favorite online resource for interesting printmaking miscellany,” written and edited by several authors in America. It is the first of its kind to focus upon this art form in such depth, and is extremely well done. It is one-stop shopping for anyone interested in printmaking, whether new to the form, a veteran, or anywhere in between. Interviews, studio visits, photographs of artwork and places, are only the tip of the iceberg here. This combination website/blog does for printmaking what Peter Verheyan’s listserve, Book Arts Web, did eighteen years ago for Book Arts!

Cara Ober, BmoreArt. Artist, curator, writer, educator, and mother, Cara Ober has received many awards and notices for her work as an active participant in the arts community of Baltimore. Her blog, BmoreArt, is the place to go to find out what’s happening on all the art fronts in town, and she has excelled at this and every form of social media that links our arts community together. Along with Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, the Urbanite magazine (for which Ober also writes), Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, and the ground zero of Baltimore – the designated arts district Station North, we are one “tapped in” community, and Cara has been instrumental in helping the communication between groups grow!

Colm Moloney and Damien Shiels, Know Thy Place. This blog is beautifully done, an extension of a business that does Irish archaelogical research for customers. I have enjoyed the personal stories that bring a particular place in Ireland to life, as the group focuses upon the history of the land from which family lines evolved. This is certainly the kind of urge that I, as an American, follow when I wish to walk on the same roads and through fields that my ancestors might have traversed, imagining them in place and time. Sheils’ own blog about Irish in the American Civil War in is also an excellent resource and beautifully done. I recommend him for this award in both instances.

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Good luck to all!

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