©2012 Janet Maher, From the Old Sod to the Naugatuck Valley, stack of books at home; image: Katherine Maher Martin and Eliza J. Maher, ca 1860s

No Irish Need Apply: Early Irish Settlement in the Naugatuck Valley

            Janet Maher, a native of Waterbury, will discuss the exodus of the Irish from their country and their settlement in New Haven County on Thursday, October 25 at 5:30 pm at the Mattatuck Museum (144 West Main Street, Waterbury, CT). This talk will include a book signing for her recent publication, From the Old Sod to the Naugatuck Valley: Early Irish Catholics of New Haven County, Connecticut. In her book, Maher explores the history of Ireland through the perspective of religion, bridging it to the origins of Catholicism in Connecticut, then to several Irish families whose personal stories extend to the present.

Maher will discuss the reasons for centuries of discord in Ireland that led millions of Irish Catholics to leave their native land, and the tribulations they weathered in early nineteenth century Connecticut. Maher’s research of particular families in the Naugatuck Valley has led her to the location in Ireland from which many of the early settlers and priests originated. Many of the three hundred and thirty-six images of people, places, and maps that she included in her book will illuminate her talk.

Janet Maher is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at Loyola University Maryland and a member of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists. More information about her and her work may be found on her website and blog.

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