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  1. Jennie Smith said:

    I am Jennie Smith (nee Porter) in Tasmania. My Porter g-grandfather married a Matilda Maher in Tasmania whose father (my g-g-grandfather) was a Dennis Maher whose military records prove he was born in Kilkenny, Ireland. I will be going there in August, and have been having a look online to see if there would be a cemetery I could visit where there might be other ancestors, and came across this page. Mary Sullivan Conran could be a relative of mine, with her looks. I’m sure she has Maher blood in her somewhere. I felt compelled to contact you and let you know this. I have a public ancestry.com site and there are lots of postings re Dennis Maher and his English wife, Catherine Hewitt. They both lived and died in Oatlands, Tasmania after emigrating, and left heaps of descendants.

    • Hello Jennie,
      Interesting that you would say “with her looks I’m sure she has Maher blood in her somewhere” as I feel that too. She is a daughter of one Mary Maher (maybe Meagher), who married a Patrick Sullivan, and I believe that she would have been related to us.
      Having just gotten back from Ireland I will be posting much info that you may find helpful. Please check in over the next weeks. Although the ancient base of the Mahers was Tipperary, they were dispersed widely. Some came to Kilkenny, and from there moved into Laois, perhaps through marriages or by choice. I recently visited many cemeteries in all three counties and will be putting up Maher gravestone transcriptions from very old cemeteries. I also recommend that you look at Griffiths Valuations and see if you can pinpoint some possible townlands that your Dennis’ family might have been circa 1850.
      Wishing you well,

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