Mom's Ceramic Angel, circa 1950

Mom’s Ceramic Angel, circa 1950 ©2013 Janet Maher

My mother made some beautiful ceramic pieces in the early 1950s. Even when I don’t decorate for Christmas, I must at least bring out one of her angels. Here is the one without the broken wing. As one of a pair, it symbolizes my brother to me. The one with all the repairs is more like myself! She is currently part of the ever-changing assemblage on our kitchen sink window sill, joined by a few other tokens that give a nod to Christmas this year.

For those who read my blog, I offer a new board on my Irish-related Pinterest site. This one is Novels, Memoirs About Ireland, and I hope that anyone looking for some Irish reads may find it helpful. (I welcome others’ recommendations!) The first link, This Is How It Ends, jumped off the shelf to me recently in the public library. I am currently enjoying it, but don’t yet know how it ends! The rest are from my own Irish library and I heartily recommend them.

All happy wishes to you in the upcoming weeks – Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh! Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Dhaoibh!

May our planet be healed. May all who suffer find solace, sustenance and peace in this season and in a better new year.


©2013 Janet Maher / Sinéad Ni Mheachair

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