Before I transition to my blog, Trusting the Process: Getting There From Here, I would like to note that others besides me had negative reactions to the new Michael Moore / Jeff Gibbs film, Planet of the Humans (previous post). George Monbiot, in his opinion piece in The Guardian on May 7 said that Moore had “[played] into the hands of those he once opposed.” Rather than attempt to rehash his skillful rebuttal, I encourage all to read his article. I had not seen the earlier criticism by Graham Readfearn, which provides many clear examples of ways in which the film is full of errors and omissions. I wish I had not even mentioned the documentary in my previous post and am actually unlinking it, though not fully removing it. Instead, in addition to so many other worthy books that are out there on the subject, I highly recommend Hope Jahren’s The Story of More, a well-told scientific tale that sequences the steps that led to now.

Please go to the blog I will be writing within during the duration of the pandemic. The first re-emerging post is more in the spirit of what I might have written here before Michael Moore upset my apple cart.

I have so valued the subscribers to MaherMatters, the comments over the years, the connections with several individuals, especially those who are now friends, and the entire world that the topic opened for me. As times worsened over the past several years it was harder and harder for me to focus on a topic that— though never with such an intention—could be seen as inappropriate to continue while White Supremacy, racism and nationalistic leanings reared their ugly heads and events occurred around the world with increasing fervor and violence. Perhaps this means that after a long demise the time has come to end this blog. We’ll see. Nevertheless, I thank you all for your interest in what I have had to say and share here since 2011 and wish you all the best going forward. Stay safe and well. I hope to see familiar names within the new platform!

There is an unseen life that dreams us; it knows our true direction and destiny. We can trust ourselves more than we realize, and we need have no fear of change. – John O’Donohue

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